Making embedded and connected systems real

At Openest, we are dedicated to empowering developers and businesses to build connected and embedded IoT solutions.

Embedded Linux engineering

For every embedded system, Openest provides the engineering support from the initial firmware conception to the distribution of your BSP and application. 

Smart object design and prototype

We help you build your connected device and bring it to market: including industrialization, maintenance and software development.

Need to speed up your project ?

Why us

We help our customers build amazing products and connect them to the world.

We keep it simple

Attention to Detail, Passion for Quality, and a Commitment to Simplicity drive everything we do.

We ❤ Open Source

We provide the best open source software solutions to improve the quality and productivity of your projects.

We are a human-sized company

Yes, we’re a small startup. No, that doesn’t mean we can’t handle your company’s big needs. It just means that we can surprise you with good service on a human scale.