Electronics design : linking BSP and hardware

At Openest, we are dedicated to empowering developers and businesses to build connected and embedded IoT solutions.

For seamless BSP and electronics integration

Specialized in embedded Board Support Packages (BSP), Openest can nevertheless assist you in the electronic design of your products to enhance BPS and electronics integration. In particular, we select the components that bring the most value to the product:

  • Optimize the cost of your product
  • Make the right choice between cost and performance
  • Optimize the software support implementation time

Based on your needs, we determine the necessary electronic components. We make sure that the software support (devices drivers, user space programs, etc.) is of good quality.

When possible, we also provide diagrams of examples of electronic boards using these same components. In this way, you will be able to reduce the design time, the risk of error and ensure an optimal hardware / software integration.

Why should BSP be integrated upstream of electronic design?

The software (especially low-level software) required for the proper functioning of an embedded system is numerous and complex. This complexity is a challenge in the realization of embedded systems. For this reason, at Openest we always favor the reuse of existing software that is free to use and modify. The best code is “no code” or reusing existing and proven software.

embedded linux development with a beaglebone black

The beaglebone black is a great reference for industrial systems

We know how to write devices drivers, but we avoid doing it when it is not absolutely necessary. It is a time-consuming process because you need to understand how the device works, how to use its registers, how to optimize its power consumption, etc.

Unfortunately it is sometimes too late when we intervene on a project. So it may be more time consuming to develop new software components.

For this reason we propose to intervene as early as possible in the design of the electronics of your product.

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