So much more than an embedded consulting company

At Openest, we are dedicated to empowering developers and businesses to build connected and embedded IoT solutions.

Our mission, our commitments

Openest is an embedded consulting company based in Strasbourg, France. Our mission is to cultivate cutting-edge technical expertise to inject a positive dynamic into the projects entrusted to us.


Created in 2018, we are a technically strong team, but above all we are committed:


We love open source software! We are convinced that tomorrow’s world will be more open and will be built more than ever with open source. Whenever the opportunity arises, we contribute. This allows us to remain at the forefront of new developments and best practices.


The nest, is the idea of accompanying, take care of the projects and people who lead them. 

From the very beginning of an idea, we dedicate ourselves to its development. Contributing to its growth and being committed to give it the best chances to take off is our mission. We are more than another embedded consulting company, we want to be a true partner.

Our story

Our Founder

A passionate open source enthusiast, Julien Grossholtz has worked for more than 15 years in embedded systems, embedded consulting, IoT and agile project management. 

Inspired by the North American entrepreneurial force, he created Openest upon his return from Canada, thus giving life to his desire to have a greater impact on his clients’ projects and the open source ecosystem.

“At Openest, we believe that we can maximize the innovation potential of each project by combining the best of open source technologies with an agile approach.”

Julien Grossholtz