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What We Do

Openest develops, builds and integrates solutions in embedded electronics and software for its customers with IoT projects.

We deploy all our energy to make our customers’ ideas come true.


We analyze which data are needed, how to collect and transfer them. Then we define how to interact with users and which technologies are the most suitable for your project.


We build the first physical version of your product so that the first users can use it quickly. Based on their feedback, we improve the prototype. We do iterative enhancement/testing until the product proves its value.


We help startups to move IoT projects beyond proofs of concept and prototypes to full-scale production. We have close ties with electronics manufacturers and are used to carrying out the technical management of a project.

We make digital products that people love

We design IoT solutions for any field of application

Our expertise in connected solutions development allows us to deliver high quality softwares no matter the field of application of your IoT project.

Our personal convictions lead us to put our know-how at the service of the protection of the environment or the improvement of general well-being.

Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner

To speed up the design process, we have developed a prototyping solution based on Raspberry Pi. It is composed of software bricks that we can assemble according to the needs of the project. This is a tremendous time-saver that allows us to devote ourselves fully to the development of the business application.

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