At the service of your embedded Linux projects

The development of systems under embedded Linux requires various skills, both in the development of Board Support Package, the realization of your embedded software and in the optimization of the development process. For this reason, we have developed a range of services adapted to your most common needs:

Board Support Package (BSP)

Customized Linux Board Support Package

We develop and optimise your Board Support Package (BSP) so that you can stay focused on your product and your expertise. We take care of the bring-up of your board, configure the bootloader, Linux, drivers and the update process. We perform the integration of all software in an integrated build process that generates a flashable file for your platform.

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Embedded software development

Whether you need to communicate with a cloud platform or design a graphical user interface, we can provide you with innovative applications that differentiate you from your competitors and bring you maximum value.

The software components available on your platform allow you to design the software that makes your business stand out. Openest can assist you in the design and development of these applications: real-time development and debugging of mission-critical applications are part of our daily routine.

Embedded software architecture and development

Développement logiciel embarqué
Intégration continue pour Linux Embarqué

Continuous Integration Deployment for Embedded Linux

Your embedded systems are constantly evolving. Implementing a continuous integration pipeline improves your release process, improves the reliability of your firmware and allows for more efficient development.

Electronic design consulting

Openest advises you in the selection of electronic components for your products in order to optimize their performance and time-to-market.

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conception électronique
formation logiciels embarqués

Embedded Linux Training

Our experience with embedded Linux system development allows us to deliver professional trainings focused on your needs. They combine theory and practice to get you up and running quickly.

These trainings are also an interesting complement within the framework of the training of a team at the end of a project carried out jointly with Openest.

Visit our training page here.

Our work environment

Architectures & hardware

While we usually work on ARM processors, we have spread experience on other platforms usable for embedded Linux such as ‘Intel or Motorola m68k.

Embedded firmware generation for embedded Linux

Embedded Linux systems have a lot of software that needs to be integrated. That’s why we mainly use Buildroot (See our contributions) and Yocto for the generation of your firmware.

We can make custom drivers (device drivers). But usually we prefer to configure the device-tree of your board and use existing drivers. That’s why we offer you to intervene early in the board design process.

Areas of activity

We have taken part in major projects in the medical field, in particular we are familiar with the IEC 62304 standard.

We also have significant experience in IoT projects for industry (IIoT) and for consumer devices.