Mise au point d'un système embarqué sous Linux

Ce cours est destiné aux personnes souhaitant utiliser Linux pour concevoir et maintenir des systèmes embarqués.

Embedded Linux system development

The objective of this training is to develop and customize a Linux based embedded operating system to deploy its own applications. It goes from the Board Support Package (BSP) to the tools and knowledge needed to design and then develop embedded software.

As for all of our trainings, this embedded Linux development training combines theory and practical exercises. Our trainees receive practical knowledge they can apply directly into their projects.

firmware linux
Embedded linux firmware development

Embedded Linux development training content

  • Introduction to Embedded Linux
  • Presentation of the open-source ecosystem
  • Introduction to the hardware of embedded systems
  • The cross-compilation
  • Using U-Boot, the reference boot loader
  • Introduction to the Linux configuration for a given hardware
  • Creating a rootfs with Buildroot
  • Application development in an embedded context

Optionally, the course may also address some complementary topics, such as:

  • Storage devices and file systems
  • Using Linux in a real-time context

Acquired skills

At the end of the training, participants will have a detailed knowledge of all levels of an embedded system running Linux. They will be able to:

  • Prepare to boot an operating system with a bootloader (U-Boot).
  • Configure the device-tree of an electronic card from its diagram.
  • Use communication buses and identify the necessary device drivers.
  • Develop a root filesystem and install software.
  • Administer a system and update it.
  • Create a development environment dedicated to writing software that works in user space.

The duration of the training is 4 days.

The trainer provides each participant with an electronic development card that he keeps after the training.

Prerequisites: Using the terminal and basic commands in Linux
Note: Course materials are in English, the course is taught in English or French.

Price : 1 950€ per person