Board Support Package for Linux

Embedded softwares

Board Support Package for demo boards When developing an embedded system, you will be attracted by new system on chip (SoC) with functionality that can significantly improve the overall performance of the final product. Board Support Package for Linux or other operating systems are here to help you taking the best of it.

MQTT a protocol for your connected embedded systems

mqtt protocole de communication réseau

There are many MQTT clients and servers in different languages and operating systems: it is an excellent solution for connected embedded systems. And of course, there are JavaScript clients for web applications. At Openest we had the chance to use on a real life project, here are our conclusions. In our opinion, the main strengths […]

Embedded Linux development: 5 steps to get started

embedded linux development with a beaglebone black

This is the quickstart guide you need to generate an industrial grade embedded system for the board sitting on your desk and be ready to work with it. Embedded Linux development is a vast domain and there are plenty of documentation out there to help you with all necessary details but do not hesitate to […]